Transcontinental run – Epilogue

After returning to the east coast with the Maxwell on the trailer we have had a few days to rest and  reflect on this wonderful adventure. For our final post, Doug, Rich and John thought we would put together a few short videos to answer questions you may have about this trip and our experiences. Check out the Maxwell Chronicles for our last update.

We thank you for following along with us on this adventure and all the encouragement and help you have provided along the way.

Grandpa, we hope we made you proud.


Doug, Rich and John

10 thoughts on “Transcontinental run – Epilogue”

  1. Congratulations fella’s that is a trip of a lifetime THANK YOU for taking us along and giving us a peek at your adventure. Appreciate you taking the time to share your photographs and video’s. Very COOL INDEED! Joe

  2. Congratulations again guys! Your grandpa is very proud of how important this was for you. It was important for him too.

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