Rich joined Toastmasters back in January of 2001 and connected up with a great community of fun people all with a desire to learn how to be a better speaker and help others along the way.

In the fall of 2009 I earned my Distinguished Toastmaster recognition at the District Conference in Corpus Christi. I was thrilled and delighted that Casey was able to participate and walk on stage with me to be recognized.


While on the journey to DTM recognition I have given over 60 different speeches. Since then I continued to do speeches in competition and just for fun  and practice. Speeches ranged from the serious to the silly, from motivational to educational, from short 7 minute speech to a 45 minute keynote speech at an IBM Test Symposium.

My favorite speeches were:

2011 District 55 Fall Conference Humorous Speech Competition.

2014 Division L Fall Humorous Speech Competition.


Other fun speeches were:

  • The Perfect Gift – A Christmas present gone terribly  wrong- humorous story
  • My First Kiss – Do you remember your first kiss, I did – humorous story
  • Perfectly Still – Lessons learned on the golf course with my dad – humorous with a message
  • Five Tips – How I applied 5 principals to improve my life – humorous with a message

I have given over 60 speeches in my years with Toastmasters. Each has been a learning experience and helped me improve my presentation skills. Here are some of my other speech titles.

  •    Engineer Rich – Who is Rich Bassemir
  •    Why I want to compete in a Miss America Pageant
  •    Chicken Cannon – The story behind the chicken cannon
  •    Kid in You – We all have a little kid in us
  •    The Phone Call – The phone call that changed my life
  •    Linux – Technical presentation on how to install Linux
  •    Love Sex Money – How to pick a speech title
  •    More Time – If I only had more time
  •    Millionaire – So you want to be a millionaire
  •    Where would we be without testers – Symposium keynote speech
  •    Duke – The best practical joke ever
  •    Battle Road – History lesson from the Revolutionary war
  •    Pets – Why  kids are like pets
  •    Why – The importance of the word “why”
  •    The Future – You can not predict the future
  •    Kids and Money – Ways to teach kids about money
  •    Winners – Are you a winner or a whiner
  •    Teen Logic – Teenager logic
  •    Paul’s Retirement – A retirement roast
  •    Scramble Eggs – How to make scrambled eggs
  •    Pooped – A tall tale about being pooped
  •    Love – A wedding toast
  •    Making Pens – How to make wood pens
  •    Lets Go Golfing – Inspiration to get out and golf
  •    Frank and Eursala Otter – A story with a moral
  •    Casey At the Bat – The classic story of Mudville
  •    Top 10 Reasons – 10 ways to improve giving evaluations
  •    The Peanut – Ways to use the mighty peanut
  •    Virtualization – IBM’s advanced technology
  •    No Place Like Home – Lessons learned after traveling
  •    Slow Down – The need to slow down our pace of life
  •    MADD – Mothers against drunk driving
  •    Less Stress  – 4 ways to reduce stress when flying
  •    Thoughts – How thoughts influence your life
  •    Are you spontaneous?



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