Road trip schedule update

Hello all,

The “launch” is fast approaching as we continue to prep the Maxwell for the trip. Since our last update we had the top installed by Rob.


The radiator has been rebuilt to repair a leak and Coker Tires has donated a tire cover for our spare. Our punch list is getting shorter.

We have also worked some more on our route and schedule. Of course it is subject to change once on the road but many of you have been asking when we will be passing through their town.

Day 1 – Newark, NJ to Laughlintown, PA – 320 miles
Day 2 – Laughlintown, PA to New Paris, OH – 327 miles
Day 3 – New Paris, OH to St Louis, MO – 321 miles
Day 4 – St Louis, MO to Emporia, KS – 358 miles
Day 5 – Emporia, KS to Lamar, CO – 380 miles
Day 6 – Lamar, CO to Santa Fe, NM – 330 miles
Day 7 – Santa Fe, NM to Springerville, AZ – 297 miles
Day 8 – Springerville, AZ to Grand Canyon, AZ – 253 miles
Day 9 – Grand Canyon, AZ to Needles, CA – 240 miles
Day 10 – Needles, CA to Los Angeles, CA – 286 miles
More pictures and information is on our Maxwell Chronicles page.

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