Website day 9

As I learn more I forget more… I am already forgetting how I did something on the website. I suppose repetition is good, at least for me.  There are menus and menus within widgets, hummm this is going to get confusing. ha ha

Website day 6

Today I explored animated gif files from many free gifs available on the web. I place one on the welcome page.

Also learned about creating and updating a gallery of photos. There are slide show plugins if we want to have a slide show of cartoons.

Financial thoughts

I have found these actions to be very helpful in planning for retirement:

  • first create an emergency fund, start small and work up to 3 months of living expenses
  • take something out of every paycheck and put it in a different account (perhaps a vacation fund)
  • take 1/2 of any raise or “found money” and put it into an investment account
  • create a budget and track it so you know where your money is spent
  • don’t use credit cards if you can not stay to a budget (only use cash, when you are out of cash, you can’t have it)
  • diversify your investments (don’t put all eggs in one basket)
  • spend money socially (with friends and family)

Website day 4

Okay, so today I started experimenting with new content.  I did the following:

  • added some static pages for the different bug pages, taking some cartoons from bughouze
  • created the left side navigation bar which includes a page for ordering merchandise (work in progress).
  • put a website news page on the left side navigation and created my first post

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