Cross country trip in a Maxwell – June update

Hello all,

The time is going by fast and we continue to prepare for this trip. After the new paint job the car was re-assembled (fenders, windshield, gas tank, etc). We did not put on the doors or hood yet because they were sent to be painted with the signage.  You can see more photos on our Maxwell Chronicles page. We removed all the wheels to check an re-pack all the wheel bearings. They all looked good. We had our back up transmission checked and it is in very good shape. Doug found a tool box just like the one on our grandfathers Maxwell. Mom is painting the signage on the tool box so the Maxwell will look just like it did in 1916. We are anxiously waiting for the return of the motor so we can get some miles on the Maxwell. We explored having our spare engine rebuilt but that cost is more than our budget allows. However, the history of this spare engine is vague and we still need to drop the pan and do a compression check.  There is a chance a rebuild is not needed for this engine.

We have not heard back from Texaco yet so we don’t know if they are going to help sponsor this trip like they did in 1916. We still are hoping this story interests them.  We have been in touch with Coker tires and are looking forward to their support.

We are planning on showing the car at a fund raiser in July (at Jones Beach for those of you on Long Island). We plan on taking it to other car events in the following months.

We still have a few shirts left for any of you that would like to support our adventure. Just use the contact us link to let us know.


Rich / Doug

Cross country trip in a Maxwell – May Update

It is hard to believe we have less than 6 months to prepare for this trip. Time is flying by quickly.

In May the Maxwell was prepared for painting. Fenders were taken off and the wet sanding started. We hope to get it to the painter in June.

We posted some more videos and pictures on the Maxwell Chronicles page. Be sure to visit to see the latest views of the car.

We are actively pursuing a handful of sponsors. We had some shirts made to celebrate this adventure. The $30 fee will go towards our trip expenses.  See the Maxwell Chronicles page for information on how to get one of these shirts and support our recreation of history.

We continue to speak with many of you across the nation. Your input has been very helpful in refining our route which has been updated with additional details.

We also spoke with Richard Anderson who built a 1909 Maxwell that his daughter Emily Anderson drove across the nation in 2009. Richard gave us some useful insights based on their experience.

We will do another update in June so stay tuned.


Rich / Doug

Cross country trip in a Maxwell – April update

We are making great progress planning this November trip. Big thanks to all of those across the USA that have provided us information so far that is helping our plans. Too many to list, but I assure you that your input is very valuable.

We now have a detailed route planned. It is based on grandpa’s diary and input from locals. Of course it is subject to change as we learn more but it gives you an idea of the roads we selected. Read about the route here.

Once on the road we hope to post daily blogs to let everyone know how we are progressing along that route.

We have a painter lined up so the Maxwell is being prepared for the painter. We posted a couple short videos. I like the video with Rebbeca using the air wrench to remove the spare tire supports.

Visit the Maxwell Chronicles to see the videos.

We have  a growing list of supporters. We have updated “Our supporters” page to give thanks to those helping.

Stay tuned for more updates in May.

Rich / Doug

Random thoughts


While visiting Diane, Hiroshi and the boys in Japan we came up with some new proverbs, words of wisdom, sayings. This has led to a creation of:

Words from Rich

– You don’t save laundry by putting both feet in one sock

– He who spins his own web, sleeps alone

– If you are lost for words, you need a dictionary

– He who uses a socket wrench never gets screwed

– To catch a fish you need to put your hook in the water

– If it weren’t for strippers we would have no poles

– If not for plumbers, life would stink

– He who plays board games never gets board

– If there were no electricians life would be shocking

pearls of humor, wisdom, and crazy ideas