Day 4 transcontinental run

We made it through 5 of the 12 states but have not yet covered a third of the total trip. We started in Indianapolis and finished at Vandalia, Illinois. We did get a lot of good day light driving done in 37 degree temperatures then loaded the Maxwell on the trailer once it was dark and drove to Vandalia to call it a day. We posted a few pictures and a handful of videos on the Maxwell Chronicles page that you ought to go check out. We even drove some of the original National Old Trail road to get a feel what it was like 100 years ago.

Two cool dudes
Two cool dudes and a third cool dude in the truck behind us

Day 3 transcontinental run

The weather was terrific today. Sunny and low 70’s as we drove along Rt40 West. We made it as far as Indianapolis. We also solved the engine knock / tap noise and are thrilled the Maxwell sounds and runs better. Be sure to check out the Maxwell Chronicles page for today’s pictures and a couple of videos.

We were in Indianapolis when the weather turned bad with hard rain and dropping temperatures so we left the Maxwell at the shop where repairs were done. Ate dinner at the Olive Garden (after missing lunch) and called it a night.

Chambridge City Indiana
Chambridge City Indiana

Day 2 transcontinental run

It has been a long busy day and we are all beat.  John and Doug are already asleep and I have been working on uploading pictures and videos from today’s adventures. We did land in Springfield Ohio, a little shorter than our goal, but we are making progress. Please go to the Maxwell Chronicles to see more details. We also learned we made the front page of the News Times today.  Cool.

early morning prep for today’s leg. lubed, oiled and greased up the Maxwell

Day 1 transcontinental run

It has been a long day but exciting. We left 544 Broad street at 6:30 AM in hopes of avoiding some traffic. ha ha that did not happen and the trip down US1 to Pennsylvania was painfully slow with many lights and lots of traffic.  We also had a tire go bad and hit rain. We only did 225 miles today and stopped at Chambersburg for the night. We hope to make up some time as the adventure continues. Visit the Maxwell Chronicles for a small sample of the pictures and video taken.



Cross country trip in a Maxwell – November update

We are just about a week away from the start of the celebration of history with a transcontinental trip in a Maxwell. Today we did more road testing. The Maxwell is running great. We added a couple of short videos on our Maxwell Chronicles webpage. Be sure to go for a ride with us in the Maxwell by watching the videos.

June Tuthill Bassemir the daughter of CW Tuthill


A heart filled thank you to many many folks that have gotten us to this point. Your technical expertise, your words of encouragement, the loaned parts, your offers to help, and of course those generous financial contributions that help defray our expenses. You are all part of Team Maxwell.  We hope to make you (and CW Tuthill) proud.

The next planned posting will be when we are on the road (and able to get internet coverage).

Rich / Doug

Cross country trip in a Maxwell – October update

We are just a couple weeks away from our planned departure (November 16).  In October we got a lot done and we started road testing the Maxwell. We fixed a leaking radiator and working on tuning the carburetor and ignition.  In October we also added a new top.  Several pictures and videos can be seen on our Maxwell Chronicles page.


A new oil leak has surfaced this weekend. We are investigating the cause. Here is a video of the problem. If any of you folks have seen this before or have advice, drop us a line.

Interesting look at the pulley removed shows an unusual machined surface on the inside of the pulley.


It is good this problem surfaced now and not when we are on the road.

Team Maxwell

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