Day 4 transcontinental run

We made it through 5 of the 12 states but have not yet covered a third of the total trip. We started in Indianapolis and finished at Vandalia, Illinois. We did get a lot of good day light driving done in 37 degree temperatures then loaded the Maxwell on the trailer once it was dark and drove to Vandalia to call it a day. We posted a few pictures and a handful of videos on the Maxwell Chronicles page that you ought to go check out. We even drove some of the original National Old Trail road to get a feel what it was like 100 years ago.

Two cool dudes
Two cool dudes and a third cool dude in the truck behind us

4 thoughts on “Day 4 transcontinental run”

  1. So when does the warmth of the can’t wait for the trip to start wear off? You guys are so lucky! Thanks for the updates stay safe and get warm when ya can! Joe

  2. I too am so happy to read these posts and to see the pictures and the videos. Hopefully you will not run into any deep snow or anything colder than 37 degrees.

  3. Love this photo! I can feel the cold. Thanks for posting the updates, the photos and videos. We’re having so much fun watching you! Stay safe! Love, Maria and the kids

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