Day 3 transcontinental run

The weather was terrific today. Sunny and low 70’s as we drove along Rt40 West. We made it as far as Indianapolis. We also solved the engine knock / tap noise and are thrilled the Maxwell sounds and runs better. Be sure to check out the Maxwell Chronicles page for today’s pictures and a couple of videos.

We were in Indianapolis when the weather turned bad with hard rain and dropping temperatures so we left the Maxwell at the shop where repairs were done. Ate dinner at the Olive Garden (after missing lunch) and called it a night.

Chambridge City Indiana
Chambridge City Indiana

5 thoughts on “Day 3 transcontinental run”

  1. Love these pictures! Can I recommend that you eat locally, I mean, a mom and pop kind of place ? Olive Garden sounds good, but a chain, after all…..I imagine the mid-West has to still have those family-owned restaurants like you see in the movies (think “Mystic Pizza” or “Fried Green Tomatoes”). Unless, of course, you guys are cooking up roadkill or something. Are you feeling the spirit of 1916??? I’ve been reading about the history of the whole year, it was full of interesting, positive developments! see:

  2. We here at Big Timbers Museum in Lamar, Colorado are following your trip with interest. If you can tell us when you will be here a few hours (or a day) before you arrive, we will alert the media! We are glad you will not be here tomorrow, Sunday, as there is a big auction scheduled just a block away from the Savoy location and it might be hard get the photo you have in mind. It should be okay the rest of the week, however. If you are here on Thanksgiving Day, a local school is putting on a community pot luck, which you are welcome to attend. Oh, and if you can stop by the small book store at 103 S. Main, Susan Crites would love to take a photo for the Facebook group “You know you’re from Lamar when…” which is the way many folks keep up with historical related happenings in their home town–the group has over 3,000 members!

    We are all looking forward to seeing you! Caro

    1. Hi Caro, we definitely want to stop and say hello and take a picture or two at the old Savoy Hotel location. We have grown to appreciate what CW Tuthill and PG Scull were able to do because we are not able to keep up the pace they did in 1916 even when we at times have put the car on a trailer. We should be there before Thanksgiving, maybe Tuesday. Watch for more postings to get a better idea. Maybe sending me a phone number would help. See you soon.

  3. Best wishes from the Mattituck Laurel Historical Society. It’s hard to imagine what your grandfather encountered in addition to the weather! Those were two tough hombres, writing in the journal and sending post cards to loved ones every day while changing a tire on the mud road about every two hours!! At least no dead sheep yet! Good luck.

    1. One thing we learned very quickly is the magnitude of their accomplishment. We are talking about writing a book and calling it “Chasing Grandpa”. How hard it is for us to keep up the pace they set 100 years ago.

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