Day 11 transcontinental run

We talked about how fast these last 11 days have gone by. The end is in sight, but today we only got as far as Kingman, Arizona. We did visit the Cliff Dwellings where grandpa took a picture 100 years ago at the Walnut Canyon National Park. We also drove some more dirt roads and made it all the way up to the Grand Canyon. You can see today’s photos and videos on the Maxwell Chronicles page.

Doug and Rich 2016, 100 years later
Doug and Rich 2016, 100 years later

4 thoughts on “Day 11 transcontinental run”

  1. I have been following you since I met you in Home Depot
    with your carb. What a Great Story I show everyone I see
    You Guys are very Special People.
    Hope to see you when you retur.

    Jim Linnen

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