Day 1 transcontinental run

It has been a long day but exciting. We left 544 Broad street at 6:30 AM in hopes of avoiding some traffic. ha ha that did not happen and the trip down US1 to Pennsylvania was painfully slow with many lights and lots of traffic.  We also had a tire go bad and hit rain. We only did 225 miles today and stopped at Chambersburg for the night. We hope to make up some time as the adventure continues. Visit the Maxwell Chronicles for a small sample of the pictures and video taken.



4 thoughts on “Day 1 transcontinental run”

  1. It was great to have the team pass through Wheeling, WV – crossing the historic, 1849 Wheeling Suspension Bridge. Best wishes for the continued journey from Friends of Wheeling!

  2. Hi Doug and Rich,
    The News Review and Suffolk Times comes out today and I will get several copies. Watch for a spike of interest in those who will follow your trip. Love goes with you!

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