Cross country trip in a Maxwell – October update

We are just a couple weeks away from our planned departure (November 16).  In October we got a lot done and we started road testing the Maxwell. We fixed a leaking radiator and working on tuning the carburetor and ignition.  In October we also added a new top.  Several pictures and videos can be seen on our Maxwell Chronicles page.


A new oil leak has surfaced this weekend. We are investigating the cause. Here is a video of the problem. If any of you folks have seen this before or have advice, drop us a line.

Interesting look at the pulley removed shows an unusual machined surface on the inside of the pulley.


It is good this problem surfaced now and not when we are on the road.

Team Maxwell

One thought on “Cross country trip in a Maxwell – October update”

  1. That looks like a machining screw up. The only other reason is that someone cut a relief so that a pry bar could be used to take off the pulley.

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