Cross country trip in a Maxwell – November update

We are just about a week away from the start of the celebration of history with a transcontinental trip in a Maxwell. Today we did more road testing. The Maxwell is running great. We added a couple of short videos on our Maxwell Chronicles webpage. Be sure to go for a ride with us in the Maxwell by watching the videos.

June Tuthill Bassemir the daughter of CW Tuthill


A heart filled thank you to many many folks that have gotten us to this point. Your technical expertise, your words of encouragement, the loaned parts, your offers to help, and of course those generous financial contributions that help defray our expenses. You are all part of Team Maxwell.  We hope to make you (and CW Tuthill) proud.

The next planned posting will be when we are on the road (and able to get internet coverage).

Rich / Doug

3 thoughts on “Cross country trip in a Maxwell – November update”

  1. I am looking forward to the updates! What a way to pay tribute to grandfather, and how he sent all of the postcards to the woman who ended up marrying him, your grandmother. I have been telling Rich to make sure that the Suffolk Tmes follows this story, and to make sure he sends items to Reminisce Magazine.

  2. Your mention of Internet coverage adds just the right spark to this commentary. Lots of fun, you guys. Absolutely perfect picture!

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