Cross country trip in a Maxwell – May Update

It is hard to believe we have less than 6 months to prepare for this trip. Time is flying by quickly.

In May the Maxwell was prepared for painting. Fenders were taken off and the wet sanding started. We hope to get it to the painter in June.

We posted some more videos and pictures on the Maxwell Chronicles page. Be sure to visit to see the latest views of the car.

We are actively pursuing a handful of sponsors. We had some shirts made to celebrate this adventure. The $30 fee will go towards our trip expenses.  See the Maxwell Chronicles page for information on how to get one of these shirts and support our recreation of history.

We continue to speak with many of you across the nation. Your input has been very helpful in refining our route which has been updated with additional details.

We also spoke with Richard Anderson who built a 1909 Maxwell that his daughter Emily Anderson drove across the nation in 2009. Richard gave us some useful insights based on their experience.

We will do another update in June so stay tuned.


Rich / Doug

One thought on “Cross country trip in a Maxwell – May Update”

  1. Hello All,
    Doug found the exact tool box on Ebay and bought it. I will start paining it soon. He wants the same sponsor’s name on it and by using a jeweler’s magnifying loop we can just about make out the words in the original picture. This sits on the running board on the passenger’s side and is bolted underneath June (CWT’s daughter)

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