Cross country trip in a Maxwell – April update

We are making great progress planning this November trip. Big thanks to all of those across the USA that have provided us information so far that is helping our plans. Too many to list, but I assure you that your input is very valuable.

We now have a detailed route planned. It is based on grandpa’s diary and input from locals. Of course it is subject to change as we learn more but it gives you an idea of the roads we selected. Read about the route here.

Once on the road we hope to post daily blogs to let everyone know how we are progressing along that route.

We have a painter lined up so the Maxwell is being prepared for the painter. We posted a couple short videos. I like the video with Rebbeca using the air wrench to remove the spare tire supports.

Visit the Maxwell Chronicles to see the videos.

We have  a growing list of supporters. We have updated “Our supporters” page to give thanks to those helping.

Stay tuned for more updates in May.

Rich / Doug

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    1. I updated the posting to put a link there so you can just click on that link to go to the videos. Let me know if that does not work for you.

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