Chasing Grandpa – book now available

Hello folks,

Many of you followed along our adventure last November and we appreciated your encouragement. Since then I have been working on a book that told not just about the trip but about our Grandpa and the sequence of events that lead up to the epic journey.

The book is now available on Amazon. You can find it by searching for “chasing grandpa” in the Amazon book department, or by using this link:

Chasing Grandpa

We would like to thank all of you that helped make this recreation of history possible. You cheered us on, loaned us parts, gave financially, gave  personal time and expertise. This book would not have been possible without that help.

Thanks so much!

Rich and Doug

One thought on “Chasing Grandpa – book now available”

  1. Yeah….. Now everyone will be able to travel along with you and experience the journey too. It’s an exciting story with many twists and turns unforeseen ahead of time.

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