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This is a collection of posts related to the cross country trip in a 1917 Maxwell.

Visit the Maxwell Chronicles for video clips of the adventure.

Maxwell Update

Hello folks,  I did not want to wait until the end of the month to let you know the Maxwell is on the road going through it’s shake down runs.

The first 11 days of October have been very busy for Doug, John and I as we put many of the pieces and parts back together to prepare for this road test.  All the details can be seen on the Maxwell Chronicles page (along with more videos).  We are all stoked!!!

Cross Country Trip in a Maxwell – September update

As we get closer to “launch day” we are gaining speed and more pieces are falling into place. Visit the Maxwell Chronicles for all the details but some of the highlights were:

  • We have trailed the Maxwell to 4 car shows telling the story and getting additional support.
  • One connection was with GT Joey from the TV Velocity Channel who is helping us make connections in Los Angeles.


  • We implement a “GoFundMe” page to help us with gas, oil and toll expenses. Many thanks to those of you that have already contributed. You are awesome!
  • Our engine has arrived (okay this was actually Oct, 2nd).


  • We are working with folks to get our top replaced. The old tan top will be replaced with a new black vinyl top.


We have two clutch / transmissions from which we are picking the parts in the best condition to build the best drive train we can.  Watch for upcoming videos of our first start and drive milestones.

The Maxwell Team

Cross Country in a Maxwell – August update

Less than 3 months from the start of the trip as we continue to prepare the Maxwell. In August…..

Jim Fetten did a great job on painting the original signage on the doors and hood. He did a great job and we are excited. Check out the pictures in the Maxwell Chronicles.

Mid month Texaco came back and said they did not want to sponsor us. Bummer, but their loss because it is not going to stop us. Watch for photos of the Maxwell getting gas at Mobil or Shell, ha ha.

We put our Transcontinental shirts up on Ebay to help their sales which is a bit more important now without a sponsor. Link to shirt.

We pulled the front leaf springs and had them “re-arc’d” so the Maxwell is level again.

We presented our story to the Long Island Model A club and had a great time with those folks.

We have been talking with folks with regards to repairing or replacing our canvas top.

We are anticipating the return of our engine this month. We are anxious to put some mileage on the Maxwell with the new engine.

We are looking forward to attending a local car show with the Maxwell on Labor Day Weekend. We will be sure to  add photos to the Maxwell Chronicles page.

Next update in September…. stay tuned.

Texaco decides not to help

Sadly we got word this week from Chevron (who owns Texaco) that they were not interested in helping support this recreation of history.  We are obviously disappointed and a bit confused since in 1991 they bragged about the Texaco Legend and used CW Tuthill and PG Scull on the cover of their magazine.

It seemed to us an opportunity for the “Legend” to continue. But they did not share the same feelings. Regardless folks, we are still moving forward without their support.

We still have shirts available if you want to help us contain the cost of this celebration of history.  The shirts are $30 plus $7 shipping (in the USA). Let us know via a website comment and we will get a shirt out to you and thanks for the support.

Cross country trip in a Maxwell – July update

July has come and gone as we continued to work on our preparation. Accomplishments include the signage on the tool box, doors and hood. The Maxwell is looking more and more like our grandfather’s car. Be sure to look at the Maxwell Chronicles for some pictures.

We are excited to report that Coker Tires was able to cut a special deal for us and a set of 5 tires and tubes.  Thank you Coker Tires!! They have arrived, but we have not mounted them yet.

Unfortunately Texaco still has not made a decision on their involvement so their sponsorship is still up in the air.

We are still waiting on the return of the engine so we can start doing some road testing.

We are looking into getting the top redone.

Finally we have created a Facebook page dedicated to CW Tuthill and this celebration of history. This page is evolving but if you have some time, check it out and “like” it to provide another way for folks to stay in touch with our progress.


Cross country trip in a Maxwell – June update

Hello all,

The time is going by fast and we continue to prepare for this trip. After the new paint job the car was re-assembled (fenders, windshield, gas tank, etc). We did not put on the doors or hood yet because they were sent to be painted with the signage.  You can see more photos on our Maxwell Chronicles page. We removed all the wheels to check an re-pack all the wheel bearings. They all looked good. We had our back up transmission checked and it is in very good shape. Doug found a tool box just like the one on our grandfathers Maxwell. Mom is painting the signage on the tool box so the Maxwell will look just like it did in 1916. We are anxiously waiting for the return of the motor so we can get some miles on the Maxwell. We explored having our spare engine rebuilt but that cost is more than our budget allows. However, the history of this spare engine is vague and we still need to drop the pan and do a compression check.  There is a chance a rebuild is not needed for this engine.

We have not heard back from Texaco yet so we don’t know if they are going to help sponsor this trip like they did in 1916. We still are hoping this story interests them.  We have been in touch with Coker tires and are looking forward to their support.

We are planning on showing the car at a fund raiser in July (at Jones Beach for those of you on Long Island). We plan on taking it to other car events in the following months.

We still have a few shirts left for any of you that would like to support our adventure. Just use the contact us link to let us know.


Rich / Doug