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This is a collection of posts related to the cross country trip in a 1917 Maxwell.

Visit the Maxwell Chronicles for video clips of the adventure.

Day 7 transcontinental run

Today we woke up to rain but it cleared before we left so we kept the top down. A very pleasant day again until getting to Dodge City where we ran into a lot colder weather. We also experienced the wicked winds that blew across the highway. Every time we stop folks strike up an conversation and take pictures. Be sure to check out our Maxwell Chronicles for a few pictures and videos from today’s adventures.

start of day 7
start of day 7


Day 6 transcontinental run

We were blessed with more great weather for driving (cold but sunny). We did another full day of daylight driving of the Maxwell. Lots of toots, honks and thumbs up as we traveled along. Only got on the interstate twice today for short hops to the next section of “old route 40”.  Stops at an old service station, a junk yard (yes your heard that right), a great bar-b-que with an old friend and plenty of scenic sights along with a growing respect for what our grandfather had accomplished. We have crossed 7 states with 5 more to go. Be sure to check out the Maxwell Chronicles for today’s pictures and videos.

Start of Day 6
Start of Day 6

Day 5 Transcontinental run

Day 5 start was a cold 27 degrees which necessitated a trip to WalMart for some warmer clothes. But the day warmed up to 46 and we were grateful for a full day of sun.  We drove the Maxwell from Vandalia, across the Eads bridge, through downtown St Louis and in to St Charles. We have taken Maxwell on the interstate for  a  few miles and decided it was more enjoyable on the smaller roads. So this required some changes to our original route. Definitely a more relaxing drive on the back roads but it also made it much longer.  At sunset we put the Maxwell on the trailer and continued on to Boonville, MO via the interstate for the evening. Be sure to check out the Maxwell Chronicles for a few of today’s pictures and a handful of short videos.

Start of Day 5, cold
Start of Day 5, cold and unshaven

Day 4 transcontinental run

We made it through 5 of the 12 states but have not yet covered a third of the total trip. We started in Indianapolis and finished at Vandalia, Illinois. We did get a lot of good day light driving done in 37 degree temperatures then loaded the Maxwell on the trailer once it was dark and drove to Vandalia to call it a day. We posted a few pictures and a handful of videos on the Maxwell Chronicles page that you ought to go check out. We even drove some of the original National Old Trail road to get a feel what it was like 100 years ago.

Two cool dudes
Two cool dudes and a third cool dude in the truck behind us