September 2005 – inspection and registration

With every thing on I drove it about a half a mile to a local Goodyear place for an alignment and Texas State inspection. 2005.09.a.driverssideWould you believe it failed?  It did.  It failed because the license plate light was not working.

Turns out I had a bad ground and was able to fix it  in minutes. However I had to return the next day to get my inspection and this time it passed. 2005.09.b.streetlegalI read postings on the forum on how to prepare for getting a title. I felt I was pretty prepared with all the documentation. The only problem was my insurance card VIN number did not match exactly with the paperwork. Luckily the insurance company was able to fax over a new insurance card and I left the County Tax off a little poorer but with Texas plates and registration stickers.

Sweet! After 275 hours of labor I am street legal!!

Naturally the first stop once the plates were on was a gas station.  It did not bother me having to pay 3 bucks a gallon. It is just fun to get out and finally drive it. 2005.09.c.platesBTW, even unpainted I had a follow gas pumper come over and admire the car.





Hours spent on the build: 275 hours

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