October 2005 – road test, adjustments

Okay I have had the Roadster on the road for almost a month. I only have 48 miles on it and have been babying it around the neighborhood. 2005.10.a.columnI wanted to make sure it would not over heat or break down before I took it too far from home. That was a good strategy. The other night after returning from a quick drive around the neighborhood I was backing up into the driveway and my steering column broke!!

Note to builders: Do not  weld a tilt steering shaft and try to use it in place of a solid upper shaft. They sell them at tristatemotorsports.com for around 50 bucks.  It could save your life.

While I wait for the new steering shaft it is a great time to work on some of those small details. 2005.10.b.oilpres Autometer sent me a oil pressure sender that I used to replace my stock sending unit.  Oil pressure gauge reads accurately now.  I am installing the oil temp sensor in place of the low oil sensor in the oil pan.  I put on the passenger side roll bar grommets.

I am checking out the accuracy of my fuel gauge with great help from Eric at Autometer technical support. 2005.10.c.dash I even put on those little green lamp rubbers so the gauges will have that green glow. oo la la

I pulled out the old steering shaft and I am ready for getting the shaft (sort-ta-speak)

Hours spent on the build: 277 hours

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