May 2004 – pedal box, floor boards

The pedal box went in pretty easily but this was an expensive step.  I had to buy a new tool.  A digital camera.  lol  2004.05.a.pedalBoxSince I am 6′ 2” I added all three spacers to the master cylinder.  Several other FFR builders suggest I change the gas pedal or bend the brake pedal in a way to give your right foot more room between the gas and the brake.   Gosh, I did not plan on using the brake that much.

Next was the installation of the floor panels. Whip out that riveting tool again.  I also decided to invest in some Cleco’s.  They are spring loaded gadgets that can hold aluminum panels together while you drill and rivet. I used and after shipping and handling, paid about 40  bucks for 12 clecos and special pliers.2004.05.b.floorBoardThey did come in a fancy carrying case.  I guess that is just in case I ever decide to go on the road and install panels.



It was a nice day Sunday afternoon so I decided to start sanding the seams on the body.  A disk sander with a medium grit sanding disk took the seams down quickly. 2004.05.c.SandingBody I followed that with an orbital palm sander also with a medium grit sandpaper.

Not quite as smooth as a baby’s bottom but in just a couple of  hours I made some good progress.

Hours spent on the build: 27 hours

I spent a little time putting the engine back together.  Replaced one cracked injector and all fuel injector O rings. I am not sure how much I should reinstall on the engine before putting it into the frame.2004.05.d.EngineInjectorsI did paint the engine block black.  That black engine coolant pipe there on top was a pain to reinstall because the aluminum threads in the intake manifold were stripped.  So, you guessed it,  I had to buy another new tool to re-cut the threads.  Then it went together like spreading bread on butter, or was that butter on bread.  Oh well…. I got it back together somehow.

It has been a while since any work was done but I am back finally to add to the story. So many Roadster owners do racing stripes down the middle, I decided to be different…. NOT!2004.05.e.BondoHere are my “bondo lines”.  The seems have all been sanded down and a the bondo process has started.  I am using bondo to fill in the tiny bubble  holes revealed after sanding down the seams.

Both foot boxes have been installed.  I decided to use the self taping screws to put together the drivers side foot box for now because I may want to get to the brake pedal and gas pedal. 2004.05.f.FootBoxes I hear that lots of folks bend the brake pedal and use a different gas pedal to give the driver more foot room (in case you want to use the brakes).


Hours spent on the build: 36 hours

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