March 2007 – adding power steering

After driving around for my first 1000 miles I decided I would like to add power steering.  It was easy to steer without power steering when the car was rolling but in parking lots it was a little harder then it should be. 2007.03.a.odometer1000I learned how using a manual rack is better then using a power steering rack without the power steering.

My choices were, buy a manual rack or put in a power steering pump.

Unfortunately, I disposed of the original power steering pump, brackets and hoses that were with my donor. 2007.03.b.powersteeringSo off to a salvage yard to pick up all those parts I did not save. Oh well…. It is just not right that I have to buy back parts I gave away.


It was harder to track down all the parts I needed then it was to actually do the install. 2007.03.c.powersteering2I needed  the expertise from the forum to tell me to get the A/C eliminator bracket for the installation. At first I thought I would not be able to install the donor power steering pump. I tacked on a few more hours to my total build time. That does not include 3 trips to AutoZone to get the right size belt to fit now that the pump was installed.

I am all ready for the Annual Texas Cobra Club meet this weekend in Round Rock.  Yahooo

Hours spent no the build: 354 hours

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