March 2006 – waiting for the body

While waiting for the body to be painted I made some heat shields for the catalytic converts. 2006.03.a.heatshieldsVery simple design that did a great job reflecting heat for the cats.





I decided to make use of the air pump and ran teflon hoses to the cats. Some builders say they did not need to do this but what the heck, I thought I would add them and maybe  keep the cats a little cooler. 2006.03.b.heatshields2Since I added the teflon hoses I also decided to replace the donor’s TAD/TAB which turned out to have a vacuum leak (the hoses are not on in this picture). Then I decided to replace the oxygen sensors since the donors sensors were old.

The body needs to get done soon, I am spending too much money on these last minute details.

I got the call from the painter that it was time to bring the chassis in so the body could be fit on the chassis. So on the trailer it went. 2006.03.c.chassisI was grateful it did not rain that day.





Hours spent on the build: 338 hours

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