June 2005 – wipers, hood and doors

Time to drill some holes into the body for the windshield wipers.  Or as they say in Germany let’s install ve vipers. 2005.06.a.wipersThe holes get drilled in at an angle. Note for the next build… angle the holes towards the front of the car, not that back.


After much sanding and bondo, sanding bondo, sanding bondo I finally mounted the hood with the hinge. 2005.06.b.hoodmountingThe alignment is a little off.  I need to trim the drivers side a little but the hinge works great.


I bought a new sander.  I burnt out my old orbital sander. Picked out one with a dust bag this time. Ahhh tis nice to have a dust bag cough cough

I used the sander to fit both doors with not a lot of problems. I was afraid fitting the doors was going to be a big hurdle but it really was not too hard. 2005.06.c.passdoorNow getting the door latches to line up and close nicely was a git more challenging.



Hours spent on the build: 245 hours

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