July 2005 – latches, seats, emergency brake

It is a short month for working on the car. Over half the month was spent on a vacation trip to New York, Vermont and Massachusetts.  2005.07.a.doorlatchGetting the door latches to fit correctly was a little tricky. I finally figured that I loosened that main trapazoid shaped chrome thing and jiggle it was easier to align. I did use some longer screws in the door along with a few small washers to correct position the latch.  Sorry… not visible in the picture.  Crud… I see a small crack in my hood bonding. I have to remove the hood and add more bonding.

I installed the seat with completely different hardware that what was supplied. I used 4 carriage bolts that I bolted to the steel plate.  2005.07.b.seatmountThen I mounted the plate to the seat. Then I put the seat into place.  The holes for the bolts in the floor panel was drilled earlier to match the bolt pattern. The odd bolt pattern is because I want the bolts to line up with the frame iron under the floor pan.

I decided to mount my emergency brake on the transmission tunnel. This meant I was going to have to do some welding so I had something to mount the ebrake assembly on. 2005.07.c.ebrakemountI was not looking forward to this. The last time I welded was in high school and it was not a fun experience (but I did get to meet the local fire department fire fighters). I rented a wire welder from Home Depot and welded a cross member in place and ya know…. it was fun. I was looking for things to weld just for the heck of it.

I thought about welding the dogs choker to the …. nah just joking.

Hours spent on the build: 256 hours

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