January 2006 – Body goes to the painter

On a Saturday morning in mid December I loaded up the body, hopped in the truck and sat there. No matter what I did I could not get my truck out of park. Yikes! 2006.01.a.ontrailerIt was a long story but after the tow truck arrived we were able to get the truck out of park.  I was beginning to think I was not going to make it to the paint shop. It was an awesome view in my rear view mirror seeing that Cobra on my back bumper.

Once the truck was out of park  it was smooth sailing to the body and paint shop. But it was decision time. What color did I want? I could not put off the decision any longer. 2006.01.b.intheshopThey needed to know. Blue with Silver stripes was the decision. The month of January was used to do many small odd jobs on the chassis. Installed trunk carpet, under coated splash panels,  tied up wiring harnesses,  polish and painted some of the aluminum with clear coat,  riveted the transmission tunnel, secured clutch cable. I think you get the idea.

I also decided to remove the stock springs and install the rear coilovers. The car sits higher now and gives me more road clearance. 2006.01.c.coiloversI also installed a new PowerMaster starter to be sure I don’t have the hot start problem with the stock wire wound starter. I also put the airpump back on the engine since I will be putting the  catalytic converters back up to pass the Texas emission tests.

I can’t believe it is January already. Looking back it was a year ago I took the first go-kart ride. wow.

Hours spent on the build: 309 hours

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