January 2005 – first go kart ride

The new ECC computer arrived and after installing it I was still getting a bad BAP sensor KOEO code so I replaced the BAP.  KOEO codes are all good.  The engine starts but won’t run on it’s own yet.

While I pondered what might be wrong I installed the seats temporarily.2005.01.a.driversSeat I thought it might be wise to wait until the body and doors are on before I do the final seat position.  I did install door latches to get an idea on where to place the seat. I’d hate to have to drive around with the doors open because the seat was in the way.

You like that fancy dash board??

I finally placed an order with Breeze for a radiator temperature sensor to work the fan. Now that the engine was running I wanted to be sure there was a working fan.  It would not be “cool” to overheat. Oh that was bad. 2005.01.b.radiatorRelayHere is where I mounted the relay. It is on the passenger side “F” panel right next to the cross member.

With lots of help from the forum I was able to get  the engine to idle and timed to 10 BTDC. Ah it sounds so good.

I bled the brakes, lowered the car and then Casey and I took it for the first go-kart ride down the street. It was sweet.

Here are a couple of very short video clips .

Hours spent on the build: 175 hours

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