February 2006 – more final touches

I used FatMat for the road noise and insulation. This FatMat stuff went on pretty easy as long as I first recreated a template with cardboard.  I was able to do the entire cockpit with one roll. 2006.02.a.fatmatWhile I was at it I took the brake pedal off and at a local machine shop used a hydraulic press to give me a little more room between the gas and brake pedal. I also decided to replace the brake line hose from the rear end to the chassis. I had the stock hose and thought it best if I replace it with a new hose.

While the body was off I also decided to put in a new radiator. At first I bought a new heavy duty Mustang stock radiator but I did not like the way it mounts. It hangs from the top rail which was not secured to the side tanks. 2006.02.b.alumradiatorSo I bought the FFR aluminum radiator and a new aluminum shroud from ffmetal.com. I did have to find a new upper radiator hose since this radiator had a larger inlet (1-1/2 inches). I used a Gates #22227 if anyone is interested. It is 1-1/2 inches on one end and 1-1/4 on the other which is what I needed.

I finally got around to installing the carpet. There are so many pieces it was like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Hint: Look in the installation manual to see a picture of all the piece and where they go. That was very helpful. 2006.02.c.carpetingA lot of folks complained about the quality of the carpet. But for me it is good for starters. Maybe some day I will put in tile. 🙂 I’ll need to find a bezel for around the e-brake. The one I ordered from Finish Line was not for the stock Mustang e-brake.

Got a call from the paint shop… the body should be done in a couple of weeks.

Hours spent on the build: 331 hours

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