September 2003 – engine removal

Before removing the engine I removed the steering linkage. With a little help from my “speed wrench” (a hammer), the linkages came free.2003.sept.donor7 Also removed engine oil, power steering rack, speedometer cable, clutch cable, throttle cable, engine compartment wiring harness (don’t forget to label those connectors), heater hoses, headers, AC radiator (the AC was broken so I had no freon to worry about removing) and drive train.

I also removed the AC compressor, alternator, belt tensioner and of course the battery connections. I had to rent an engine lift and had help from my son and a neighbor to remove the engine.  I decided to remove valve covers also.  2003.sept.engine3I bought an engine stand so with the engine still on the lift, we removed the transmission, clutch and bell housing. Then I found out I did not have long enough bolts to mount the engine to the stand.  A quick run to the store was needed to pick up longer bolts.


 2003.sept.engineCompartmentAfter the engine was out I removed the front springs and control arms. I borrowed a spring compressor from the auto parts store.  Those bolts were on pretty tight but was able to get them off with my half inch drives.

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