February 2005 – body goes on the frame

Well, after a short trip down the street all the tires stayed on (as well as their rubber). I resisted the urge to do a donut in the street. What will power!2005.02.a.firstdriveI did not go with the power steering  and found it easy to turn, while moving. I need to adjust the steering column out away from the dash so I don’t pinch any fingers when turning.

Now it was time to try putting the body on for the first time. This was our private Superbowl XXXIX pre-game show.2005.02.b.bodyon The instruction manual was not kidding when it says to stretch the rear of the body over the aluminum trunk panels, but it worked and fits like a glove.   (we missed the Superbowl kick off)

I have only minor trimming to do around the passenger side pipe. Yipppeee.

With it back in the garage I laid the hood on and  put the roll bars in to see how everything was lining up. I am really glad I had the cutouts done for me by Factory Five.2005.02.c.rollbarson  I’ll have to so some minor trimming but everything is fitting in place.

Casey is ready to go for her learners permit. I am coming up on my 1 year build anniversary next month. I think I will get the car a Hallmark card and a rose.

Hours spent on the build: 177 hours

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