December 2005 – road testing done

Lots of little odd jobs done as the car went through its shake down tests. To name a few:  2005.12.a.nobodyfixed fuel gauge so it reads correctly,
installed heat shields on starter and j-pipes so hot starts are easier,
installed oil temp sender, raised rear springs for more road clearance, adjusted headlights, body work, centered hood on body,
installed air pump (going to need it to pass emission test next year),
left some rubber in Robert and Anna’s driveway

Speedometer is reading about 9 miles an hour slower then actual speed.  No, the officer did not believe that excuse.

Started removing parts after logging about 297 miles on the car. There is a body shop lined up and a price negotiated.  All that is left is to pick a color. 2005.12.b.nobody2Everyone suggests a different color. Not sure what color it will be yet but pink has been ruled out.

I see Casey has used the pressure washer to sign her name to the body buck.

With the body off I am doing some last minute sanding prior to going to the body shop for the finish work. Decided to add rear coil overs in the rear and replace the radiator while the body is off. 2005.12.c.nobody3Lots of clean up work to do on the chassis. Tying  up wiring harness, under coat aluminum, paint hinges. Gosh there is still a lot to do. It will be a couple of months before the body is done so I have some time.

Hours spent on the build: 292 hours

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