December 2004 – installing interior panels

After plugging vacuum leaks, cleaning the EGR valve and timing the engine it still runs rough. More debug led to the discovery I had a 1988 donor not a 1989 donor. The new computer I bought was the wrong one.  Dummy!2004.12.a.engineegr A new computer is on order. Note to self: when buying new parts get them for the 1988 Mustang.

Look closely and you can see I reworked the connection of the coolant temp sensor so I could run coolant up to the egr valve. It is only the third time I changed that setup.

While waiting for the new computer I put some of the rubber cusion on the sheet metal edges and drilled the holes to bolt the roll bars in place.2004.12.b.rollbarsI did invest in a new 5/16 drill bit. If I did not do that I would probably still be out there drilling.


Next  I installed some of the interior aluminum. First to rivet in place was the front transmission cover.2004.12.c.transfront The transmission tunnel top piece was just there to help me line up the front cover  correctly.




Hours spent on build: 163 hours

Next thing to install were the transmission corners. At first they did not appear to fit correctly but they do.2004.12.d.transcornerThis is the passenger side. On both passenger and driver side pieces I found it necessary to bend them slightly so the next panel (the rear cockpit panel) fit well.

Now I could put in the rear cockpit wall. About this time my hands were getting cramps.  lol  2004.12.e.rearcockpitWith each piece I would use those cleco pins to hold the panel in place while I marked and drilled all the holes.  Those are really handy devices.


Next  I installed the rear cockpit corners. There are two pieces on each side. The installation manual could use some additional pictures in this area.  Hopefully I got them in the right spots. 2004.12.f.interiorHey I am starting to run out of rivets.  How can that be?  FFR gave me 600 of them.

The transmission tunnel cover is not riveted in place yet. I am pretty sure I convinced myself to put the hand brake up on the transmission tunnel. So I am waiting before I rivet the cover in place.

Hours spent on the build: 167 hours

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