August 2005 – eBrake, seat belt, mirrors, trim

Now that I had the eBrake mounted I was ready to put the transmission tunnel back in place.  I did not rivet in place yet. I thought I might wait just in case I left some tools under there. 2005.08.a.transtunnelNot shown but I also went around and all remaining body bolts and nuts. In those hard to reach places (like by the side pipes) I used the supplied  clip on bolts.  I also positioned both side pipes so they ride up higher.  To do this I had to redrill one of the mounting holes but that was not a big deal.

It was time for seat belts.  Hint: don’t wait this long to put in the seat belts. It would have been very easy to bolt the seat belts in place without the seat  in place. 2005.08.b.seatbeltsI could have done this in a quarter of the time if the seats were out.  Oh well… next time.




Next I installed the rear view mirror. Oh boy I found out in order to drill the holes straight down I had to remove the windshield. Note to other builders, drill holes before installing the windshield.2005.08.c.rearmirrorI also took the time this month to remove the intake manifold, replace a leaking fuel injector and tighten down all valve cover bolts (some you can not get to with the intake manifold on).

Hours spent on the build: 269 hours

Time to put the visors and wind wings on. That was pretty easy except I seem to have lost one clips for the visor mount. 2005.08.d.widewingsNo problem the folks at FFR are going to send out another one for  me.




Getting down to the home stretch, well the home stretch if you don’t count the needed paint job. I put the roll bar grommets on that came from Russ Thompson. Russ is a familiar name on the forum if you want to do the same thing. 2005.08.e.grommetsNote I only show that drivers side…. because I did not do the passenger side yet!..  I lost one of my chrome rings.  Don’t ask me how, if I knew how I lost it I would not have lost it.

One last mirror to put on and that is the side view mirror. Let me tell you this… I appreciate that big side view mirror on the truck.  You don’t see much of the people behind you. 2005.08.f.sideviewmirrorI bet that is why these cars are so fast.  So you don’t have to look in the mirror for people coming up to pass you.

Hours spent on the build: 272 hours

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