August 2004 – gas pedal, battery box

August has gone by fast and not a lot of time was invested in the Roadster .  I did cut the accelerator cable per the instruction manual.  Having a good dremel would have helped. I struggled with a hack saw and it took a while because you don’t want to cut the braided cable.2004.08.a.gasPedalI did install the Ross Thompson gas pedal as well as putting the brake and clutch pedals back in place. I think there is enough room for my wide feet.

I bought the gas pedal from Mark at Breeze Automotive.

I decide to use the battery box in the trunk solution so access to the battery will be through the trunk.  I had to hack saw through the 3/4 inch frame to fit the new box. A sawzall would have saved me a couple of hours of hack sawing and scraped knuckles.2004.08.b.BatteryBox

I got my battery box from and found it easy to install once my knuckles recovered from the hack sawing.


Now with the brake, clutch and gas pedals installed I was ready to rivet the drivers footbox sides into place.2004.08.c.driversFootbox The top two pieces were not riveted so I can get to the box to run the wiring.  Gosh, wouldn’t it be nice to make this like so many other devices today… wireless!!  Now that would be a Roadster of the future.

Hours spent on the build: 59 hours

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