October 2003 – done with donor

The brakes were all removed without much trouble. It was easy to work on the wheels with no quarter panel in the way. 2003.10.brakesI then removed the gas tank. Only tricky part there was those dang fuel line connectors.  I wish I had a tool to remove them but did it with a couple of small screw drivers. Whew!


The rear axle was removed next. The 18 mm nuts on the upper and lower control arms were a bear to break free.  Had to use an extra pipe on my wrench to get the leverage I needed. 2003.10.byebye It might have been easier if the car was on a lift but it was too late for that. Well after closely following the manual I was confident I got all the parts I needed and some extras. So we loaded what was left of the car and sold it to a local junk yard.

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