April 2006 – body meets chassis

I ended up making about 5 trips down to the shop over the week  spending a few hours at a time putting the final pieces back on. 2006.04.a.bodypaintedI probably logged 15 hours in the shop but a third of that time was talking about cars (not working).
Those guys down there know their cars!! Like boy meets girl, body meets chassis. Here is the body when it came out of the paint booth.

This is the ultimate garage. Any tool you can imagine, a lift and lots of experienced hot rodders around to lend a hand or advice.

I worked at the shop where the painting was done to do the final assembly. 2006.04.b.bodyon1The body is bolted on, rear bumper is on, windshield is in place.




After 5 trips down to the shop over the week  it was exciting to see the final product coming together. Very rewarding.2006.04.c.bodyon2The guys at the shop were very helpful and supportive.





Hours spent on the build: 348 hours

As much as I like this big garage it is time to go home. But first let me drive around this huge garage.2006.04.d.final3











Let’s go crusin’2006.04.e.final1











Time to take the baby home! 2006.04.e.final2







Hours spent on the build: 348 hours

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