Chronicles – Day 11 thru Day 13

A collection of videos and pictures to chronicle the recreation of this transcontinental road trip.

The following collection of pictures and videos from day 11 leaving Winslow, Arizona to day 13 in Los Angeles, California.

December 3, 2016: We arrived back on Long Island this morning with the Maxwell in tow after a marathon driving adventure. Doug, John and I will post an Epilogue in a couple of days. Stay tuned….

Oh, and the Riverhead News Review also ran the story and a video. Kelly and Christine did a nice story. Here is the link.

November 30, 2016: The Wall Street Journal wrote up  our story in the Life and Arts section today (Wednesday Nov 30th).  You can try this link to the article.  You may get a response to subscribe to the WSJ to see the full article. Some folks told me they did not need to subscribe to see the article. Hummm, sorry, I can’t explain it.

The WSJ also posted online photos (17 of them) of the Maxwell.  Here is a link to those pictures.  Hopefully you can see them without having to subscribe.

You can also try going to and do a search on “bassemir”.  It brings up a link to the photos and to the article online without having to subscribe….. at least it worked for me that way.

November 29, 2016:  The San Bernardino Sun also ran a nice article on our trip. Check out this link to see that story.

November 28, 2016: Today we made it to Los Angeles, 11th and Hope Street. Yeah!! The weather was great and we stayed off the Interstate for most of the day.

Based on a suggestion from our friends in San Bernardino we took a back road that was a rough dirt road. It was a blast. Almost bounced out of the Maxwell. Check out the videos below. We got to San Bernardino around 11:30 and met Allen and Nick. We got to see the awesome historical train  museum. Then did an interview with Michel from the  the San Bernardino Sun. It should be out tomorrow. We pushed on down Rt 66 to LA. A long drive with many lights.

We got to Hope St and 11th around 5:30 and we met by Tim and Gabi. Cristina, Steve and Julie joined up with us and treated us to an delightful dinner at Philippe’s where we talked about all the trips adventures. A great evening with fun folks.

Here are some photos from today’s adventures.

A few of our videos for the day:

A big thank you to “Team Maxwell”.  All of you that have supported this celebration of CW  Tuthill and PG Scull’s  accomplishment. We could not have done this without each and everyone of you.


November 27, 2016: We left Kingman this morning and it was 52 degrees and sunny. We headed out on old Rt 66 and traveled over to Oatman, Arizona on the Oatman Highway. What a fun ride as this mountain road worked its way up and through the mountains. We took over 30 short videos of the ride. Don’t worry we did not include them all, but we picked out a few to give you all an idea of the road.

We walked around Oatman, chatted with Monica in one of the shops about her encounter with the local ghosts. We experienced a gunfight on main street and visited some of the local shops.  On the way out we crossed the paths of the local burrows of Oatman (pictures below).

We headed to Needles and ran into our second encounter with rain. Doug and John toughed it out and did not put up the top. We crossed the Colorado River where grandpa took a ferry run by the Mohave Indians 100 years ago.  We ate at Jack In the Box, where Mark used to work (Mark, I think it went down hill since you left).

We crossed the Mojave Desert and learned it does rain in the desert! Traffic was heavy has folks were returning home after a long holiday weekend. A bit more stressful to drive in that traffic than on earlier back roads.  We loaded up Maxwell and went the rest of the way to Victorville before calling it a day.

Here are some pictures from today’s adventure.

We took a lot of videos today. We won’t  bother you will all of them but look at the ones we took on the Oatman Highway. Then imagine you are CW Tuthill and riding on this road in the dark!  According to CWT’s diary they drove this road in the dark… all I can say is wow!



November 26, 2016: Today was the coldest morning so far. We woke up in Winslow to 22 degree temperature but it warmed up quickly. We fixed a rattle in the front fender and were on the road before 9 AM.  We drove to the Walnut Canyon National Park and talked with Ranger Kyle who showed us the cliff dwelling grandpa was standing next too.  There was no way to get to that spot as you will see in the pictures. It left us wondering how the heck grandpa got there.

Ranger Kyle told us of a dirt road that was the original park entrance. Most likely the way grandpa came to the cliff dwellings. We took that road on our way out. What a fun ride. Doug was going through mud and ice. Check out the videos below.

We continued up to the Grand Canyon south rim. The ride up there was almost as thrilling as looking at the Canyon. It was just a two lane road with no shoulder and everyone wanted to do 65 MPH. It was frightening to see cars pass us with on coming traffic.

At one point we pulled off and drove through snow and saw a herd of Elk running through the woods. I thought I captured them on the GoPro camera but when I play it back you can’t see them so you will have to  take our word they were there.

Here are some pictures from today’s adventure.

Here are a few videos taken today.

Tomorrow we plan to drive to Oatman AZ, then Needles, CA and hopefully rest in San Bernardino, CA

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