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For those interested, the route we planned back in October and outlined below was close to what we actually took. Once on the road and seeing the actual road condition we did make some adjustments to stay off the busier roads. For example we found the Santa Fe Trail and followed along the railroad, we took a forest road (dirt road) leading the Cajon Pass and other times we followed access roads to be able to enjoy the ride at 35 MPH.  Even when not on an interstate the traffic moved fast (65 MPH) and little to no shoulder to allow cars to pass. This motivated us to review our route each morning before we hit the road. It made the driving much less stressful and more enjoyable.

Our desire is to drive to all the same towns our grandfather had visited and mentioned in his diary. Of course roads have changed in 100 years (hopefully for the better) so we don’t expect to be on the exact same roads. Looking at maps now we see multiple ways between towns. How we get from one town to the next is very likely going to be decided while in route.  We hope to get input from the locals we are reaching out to in every town.  Below is our initial itinerary. The travel times and mileage are all estimates. We will modify this as we hear from the local folks we contacted.

We have learned about the Old National Trail (O.N.T.) which appears to be the route our grandfather took after traveling on the Lincoln Highway through Pennsylvania.

The tentative route (updated 10/18/16)

Here is an overview of our plans….

Day 1 – Newark, NJ to Laughlintown, PA – 320 miles
Day 2 – Laughlintown, PA to New Paris, OH – 327 miles
Day 3 – New Paris, OH to St Louis, MO – 321 miles
Day 4 – St Louis, MO to Emporia, KS – 358 miles
Day 5 – Emporia, KS to Lamar, CO – 380 miles
Day 6 – Lamar, CO to Santa Fe, NM – 330 miles
Day 7 – Santa Fe, NM to Springerville, AZ – 297 miles
Day 8 – Springerville, AZ to Grand Canyon, AZ – 253 miles
Day 9 – Grand Canyon, AZ to Needles, CA – 240 miles
Day 10 – Needles, CA to Los Angeles, CA – 286 miles
  • Newark, NJ – start at 544 Broad Street (we believe this is the spot where the dealership was located). The idea is to travel US 27 south (McCarter Hwy) because it was the Lincoln Highway.  Optionally go around Elizabeth using US 439. At Princeton University (about 40 mile mark) it changes to US 206 (Stockton St).  Cross into Pennsylvania via the Calhoun St Bridge (51 mile mark).  Continue south on W Trenton Ave.  Pick up Business US 1 (54 mile mark).  At the 57 mile mark pick up US 213. Pick up Old Lincoln Highway at the 60 mile mark.  Pick up US 1 at the 65 mile mark.   Follow US 1 across the Schuylkill River (80 mile mark).  We are in North Philadelphia. We will travel 3 hours (85 miles):
  • Philadelphia, PA – Continue on US 1 to Rt 30 (84 mile mark).  Follow Rt 30 by passing Lancaster (144 mile mark) and York (168 mile mark). Gettysburg is about the 197 mile mark. Note: AACA member “Restore32” is in York, PA and offered help if needed. He has a restoration shop in York.
  • Gettysburg, PA – Continue on Rt 30  which is a large part of the Lincoln Highway. About 25 miles to Chambersburg, PA (mile marker 222).
  • Chambersburg, PA – Continue on Rt 30  passing Bedford (276 mile mark), Stoystown (303 mile mark),  Laughlintown (319 mile mark),  Ligonier (322 mile mark), Latrobe (330 mile marker). This is where the Lincoln Highway Heritage Center is located.  Continue on Rt 30 passing Greensburg (342 mile marker). Get on Interstate 376 just outside of Pittsburgh (362 mile mark)
  • Pittsburgh, PA – The Lincoln Highway continues a northwestern route which we don’t plan to follow. Instead we take Interstate 376 for about 9 miles (371 mile marker) and get on to US 19 or Banksville Rd going south. Continue on US 19 also called Washington Rd for about 22 miles. Get on Interstate 79 north at the 393 mile mark.  Go about 2 miles to pick up Interstate 70 south (395 mile mark).  Go about 3 miles to pick up US 40 west, (exit 15, 397 mile marker). Travel west on US 40 to Wheeling WV.  The Claysville area is where the diary says they got on their first day.  Claysville is about 17 miles from Wheeling (406 mile marker). Continue on US 40 to Wheeling (425 mile marker).
  • Wheeling, WV – Will most likely be coming in on US 40 and cross the 1849 Suspension Bridge.  Note: Jeanne  has told us there is a 2 ton limit on the bridge so the chase vehicles should take I70 bridge. After Wheeling  follow US 40 for about 20 miles and get on Interstate 70 for about 17 miles, take exit 186 to pick up US 40 again (463 mile marker). Continue west on US 40 also called E Pike Rd. It connects up with US 22 and called Glenn Highway.  Go through downtown Zanesville (495 mile marker) continue on US 40 west (which pretty much parallels Interstate 70. Pass through Brownsville at 508 mile marker.  Continue on US 40 (also called National road SE). Go through Hebron at the 521 mile mark.  Columbus is around the 544 mile marker. Around this spot it turns to E Main street. We want to get on Interstate 70 so turn left on to College Ave. This will be around the 544 mile mark. Go south on College Ave  for less than a mile and tun right on to US 33 west. Hopefully we will see signs for the Interstate 70 west entrance ramp.  This is exit 103. Go West on Interstate 70 for about 6 miles and take exit 97 to get back on US 40 West (552 mile marker).
  • Columbus, OH – Continuing west on US 40 as we leave Columbus. US 40 looks pretty straight but probably has many lights.  Follow US 40 West (also called E National Road).  Pass through Springfield at the 591 mile marker. Looks like we will go right through downtown. Note: Bob has a 1917 Maxwell in Springfield and we ought to connect up for a photo opportnity with Bob and his Maxwell.  We pass the Dayton airport at the 616 mile marker. US 40 passes about 5 miles north of Eaton, OH at the 639 mile marker. Grandpa and Scull might have taken US 127 south to Eaton to eat but we will continue West on US 40.
  • Eaton, OH –  The diary says they had supper here and  continued driving into the night. Eaton is about 5 miles south of US 40 so we likely will not pass through Eaton but continue on US 40 West to Indianapolis. Note: Ted from the “Over the Hill Gang” club is a contact point around Eaton. We pass through downtown Richmond at the 653 mile mark.  US 40 appears very straight road heading to Knightstown at the 687 mile marker. I believe there is an old Texaco gas station there where we might want to stop for a photo (per our Indianapolis contacts). We reach Interstate 465 which loops around Indianapolis at the 714 mile marker. Grandpa says in his diary they had gone 802 miles by the time they got to Indianapolis so we are tracking close to their trip.
  • Indianapolis, IN –  We learned the Hotel Oneida is no longer there. Instead we would find the PanAm Plaza (SW corner of Georgia and West Illinois). If we don’t want to drive downtown Indianapolis we should get on Interstate 465 south / west. Take Interstate 465 to get to the other side of Indianapolis (about 20 miles). Take exit 12 to pick up  US 40 West on the other side of Indianapolis (733 mile marker). We get to the outskirts if Terre Haute at the 793 mile marker.
  • Terre Haute, IN – Staying on US 40 which turns south for about 3 miles before we pick up Interstate 70 West to get around Terre Haute. Stay on Interstate 70 to the Illinois state line (about 6 miles). Once in Illinois pick up US 40 West at exit 154, the 808 mile marker.  Pass through Casey, IN at the 834 mile marker. Follow US 40 West through Effingham (866 mile marker). Reach the outskirts of Vandalia at the 898 mile mark. :
  • Vandalia, IL – Take 51 north (might also be called US 40) to get through Vandalia. Go north on N Kennedy Blvd for a mile and pick up Veterans Ave west. Follow this for about 2 miles before making a right to get back on US 40. Hopefully there are signs.  It is less than a mile to get back on US 40.  Grandpa slept in the car this night some where around here before continuing to St Louis. Continue on US 40 West which parallels Interstate 70. Pass through Pocahontas at the 927 mile marker.  Here we have to get on Interstate 70 again.  Go on Interstate 70 for less than 5 miles. Take exit 30 to pick up US 40 again at the 933 mile marker. Follow US 40 to Interstate 55 at the 950 mile marker. Follow Interstate 55/70 for 13 miles towards St Louis and the Eads Bridge. Follow signs for Interstate 55 which joins with Interstate 64. Take exit 2A (965 mile marker).  The exit ramp is on the left and should put you on N 3rd Street. Go straight, crossing Missouri Ave. It dead ends at Riverpark Dr.  about 1 mile from exiting the highway.  Turn right on to Riverpark Dr. Follow this road to cross the Mississippi River with the Eads Bridge into St Louis.
  • St Louis, MO – We believe grandpa traveled over the Eads Bridge as it was there in 1916.  That leads right on to Washington Ave.  On Washington Ave was a Thompson’s Dairy and Lunch which is likely the place they had lunch (it is no longer there). This is just a half a mile after crossing the river (967 mile marker).  Note: possibly meet Emily from the Missouri History Museum.  Continue straight on Washington Ave for about two miles. Turn right on to N Jefferson Ave and in about 6 blocks turn left on to Dr Martin Luther King Dr.  Follow Dr Martin Luther King Dr for about 3 miles and it turns into 180. Travel on 180 for 9 miles. Emily says this is an old road and probably the one Grandpa drove across.  By traveling west on RT 180 (old road) we will get to the Missouri River and where they likely caught the ferry to  St Charles (now called Old St Charles). RT 180 will run into Interstate 70 at the 981 mile mark.  Get on Interstate 70 at the 234 exit and head west across the Missouri River into St Charles. (986 mile marker)
  • St Charles, MO – From Old St Charles take Interstate 70 also known as US 40 west. It appears US 40 and Interstate 70 are one for about 107 miles (1094 mile marker).  Few other options except the service road. Exit 121 for US 40 which runs north of Interstate 70. Follow US 40 for 19 miles to cross the Missouri River into Boonville, MO (1114 mile marker).
  • Boonville, MO – Diary mentions having to wait for a ferry here. Following US 40 though Boonville (Main street) for about a mile. Turn right on to US 40 West (E Ashley Rd). Go about 2 miles and get on Old US 40 then pick up  Interstate  70 in about 2 miles (1118 mile marker). Travel on Interstate 70/40 for 77 miles and take exit 24 to get back on US 40 for about 16 miles to the exit for Blue Ridge Cutoff in the outskirts of Kansas City. (1210 mile marker). Alternative path from Alex in Boonville: Rather than getting on Interstate70 at exit 101, continue south on US 5 for about 20 miles to US 50. Take US 50 west for about 20 miles, through Sedalia. Continue for another 60 miles to US 7. Go north on US 7 for about 8 miles to connect up to US 40. From here another 11 miles to the Blue Ridge Cuttoff.
  • Kansas City, MO – John Raffel may connect up with us here. Turn left on Blue Ridge Cutoff (south) and go about 5 miles to E Gregory Blvd and turn right (west). Go about 2 miles and turn left (south) on Lakeside Dr for about 1 mile then turn right on to Blue River Road.  Travel 8 miles to a T intersection with Blue Ridge Blvd.  Turn right (west) on Blue Ridge Blvd and go 2 miles to the State Line Road. Turn left (south) and go less than 1 mile to 135th Street. Turn right (west) and go 10 miles to pick up Interstate 35 south towards Emporia. Follow Interstate 35 for about 85 miles to Emporia (1321 mile marker).
  • Emporia, KS – Follow Interstate 35 for about 4 miles through Emporia to exit 127A. (1325 mile marker) Take exit 127A and head south to pick up US 50 West. Follow US 50 West for about 69 miles to Newton, KS (1394 mile marker) and get on Interstate 135 south. Travel on Interstate 135 for about 2 miles and take exit 30 to get back on US 50. Travel about 79 miles to the intersection of US 50 and US 281. St John, KS is about 2 miles north on US 281. (1476 mile marker).
  • St John, KS – If we don’t go to St John town, continue on US 50 west towards Dodge City. Travel west on US 50 for 73 miles (1548 mile marker) This is our half way mark.
  • Dodge City, KS – Pick up  US 400 / 50 on the west side of Dodge City (1553 mile marker). Cross into Colorado at 1669 mile marker. Continue on US 400 / 50  for 151 miles to Lamar, CO (1701 mile marker).
  • Lamar, CO – Continue on US 50 for 55 miles to La Junta (1756 mile marker).
  • La Junta, CO – On the west side of La Junta, pick up US 350 south towards Trinidad. Travel on US 350 for 79 miles (1837 mile marker).
  • Trinidad, CO – Appears our only choice is Interstate 25 to go south. Get on Interstate 25 at Trinidad and head south.  Note: We will be east of Denise Bell (in Antonito). In 13 miles cross into New Mexico (1850 mile marker).  Continue Interstate  25 south. Pass through Raton at the 1858 mile marker. Pass through Maxwell at 1884 mile marker. Arrive at Las Vegas, NM at 1964 mile marker. (about 127 miles on Interstate 35).
  • Las Vegas, NM – Staying on Interstate 25 go for 63 miles to Santa Fe (2027 mile marker).
  • Santa Fe, NM – Take Interstate 25 for about 6 miles to exit 276 to get on US 599 for a short distance and get on US 14 South.  Take 14 south for 17 miles to Madrid, NM (where Wild Hogs was filmed). Continue on US 14 for 29 miles until it intersects with Interstate 40. (2079 mile marker). Take Interstate 40 West towards Albuquerque.
  • Albuquerque, NM – Take Interstate 25 south for about 13 miles to exit 213 (US 314). Take US  314 south.  Pass through Los Lunas at 2117 mile marker. US 314 parallels Interstate 25.  At that 2129 mile marker, pick up US 116 south (US 314 appears to turn into US 116 or Old US 85).  After about 16 miles on US 116, get back on to Interstate 25. Travel about 25 miles on Interstate 25 to get to Soccorro, NM (2170 mile marker).
  • Soccorro, NM – Exit off of Interstate 25 at exit 150.  Follow California Street south for 2 miles. Turn right on to Spring Street which is US 60. Travel west on US 60 26 miles to Magdalena (2198 mile marker).
  • Magdalena, NM – Continue west on US 60.  Travel west on US 60 and cross into Arizona after about 112 miles. Continue west on US 60 for 14 miles to Springerville. (2324 mile marker).
  • Springerville, AZ – On the north side of Springerville, in about 2 miles pick up US 191 north and head to St Johns.  Head north on US 180 for about 27 miles into St Johns. (2352 mile marker).
  • St Johns, AZ – Pick up US 180  and head north west towards Holbrook in about 56 miles (2408 mile marker).  Pick up Interstate 40 (or Rt 66) at Holbrook. Head west on Interstate 40 for about 33 miles to Winslow (2441 mile marker).
  • Winslow, AZ – Like the Eagles song (Take it Easy) we should be “standing on the corner  of Winslow Arizona”.  We may want to take a break to visit that corner. Otherwise, continue west on Interstate 40 for 56 miles to get to Flagstaff (2497 mile marker).
  • Flagstaff, AZ – Take exit 204 to get on Historic Rt 66 to  get to US 180 north. From that exit follow signs to Historic Rte 66 less than a mile north of the Interstate. This Rte 66 will intersect with N Humphreys St in less than 2 miles. Turn right on N Humphreys St which is also US 180 north to the Grand Canyon South entrance. Follow US 180 for 77 miles to the Grand Canyon. (2576 mile marker)
  • Grand Canyon, AZ – Take US 180 south (back track) to Interstate 40.   After about 27 miles US 64 splits off from US 180. Take US 64 south to save some time. Continue on US 64 for 26 miles to get back to Interstate 40 (2631 mile marker). Travel west on Interstate 40 for 43 miles to get to Seligman (2674 mile marker).
  • Seligman, AZ – Grandpa had lunch here. Pick up Historic Rt 66 to Kingman (exit 123) travel about 83 miles to get to Kingman.  Note: Mark’s brother and sister in law are in the area if help is needed. (Carri Ferris on Facebook)Take exit 44 on the west side of Kingman 2751 mile marker. Looks like it is US 10 (or Oatman road) for 23 miles towards Oatman (2774 mile marker).
  • Oatman, AZ – Folks at Oatman say the road through the mountains is narrow, very scenic and used by many. Leaving Oatman follow Oatman road for about 2 miles where we pick up US 153 (don’t continue on US 10). Follow County Hwy 153 west for 11 miles to US 95 south (2787 mile marker). Travel south on US 95 for about 9 miles to crossing the Colorado River into Needles, CA. (2796 mile marker).
  • Needles, CA – When in Needles, there is a photo opportunity. Take a picture at the Jack In The Box (on J street off Historic Rt 66) and post it on Facebook (it is where Mark worked). Grandpa mentions getting to Needles via a ferry to cross the Colorado River. From here it is across the Mojove desert on  Interstate 40 west for about 26 miles to exit 115.  This puts us on the National Trails Highway / Rt66  pass through / Cadiz, Amboy (2868 mile marker) , Bagdad (2876 mile marker), Siberia (2883 mile marker). Rt 66 parallels Interstate 40.  Follow RT66 through downtown Barstow  Note: might be US 15 through Barstow (2948 mile marker). Continue through Lenwood (2953 mile marker), Hodge (2959 mile marker), Helenville (2969 mile marker), Oro Grande (2979 mile marker),  into Victorville  (2983 mile marker).  Get on Interstate 15 south to exit 129.  Alternative route not on the interstate would pick up Hesperia road (to be confirmed) in downtown Victorville (2985 mile marker). Turn right on to Hesperia road and pass through Hesperia (2992 mile marker). Hesperia road changes to Santa Fe Ave.  Continue south on Santa Fe Ave for about 3 miles.  The road then becomes Summit Valley Road after crossing Ranchero Road. Santa Fe Ave  (follows railroad tracks)  dead ends at US 138 after about 7 miles. Travel west on 138 to for 5 miles of curving road to Interstate 15 (3008 mile marker). Take Interstate 15 south for about 1 mile to Cajon Blvd (exit 129).  Follow Cajon Blvd for about 5 miles to Kenwood Ave (after going under Interstate 15) for about a mile to Devore Road south.  In less than a mile go under Interstate 15 again and pick up Cajon Blvd south for about 7 miles to San Bernardino.  (3025 mile marker)
  • San Bernardino, CA – From Cajon Blvd pick up  North Mt Vernon Ave south cross 5th street (less than a mile) and stop at San Bernardino Metrolink Station (meet Allen Bone and others).  Travel west on West 5th street, also called Rt 66 and E Foothill Blvd. Pass through Rancho Cucamonga (after 17 miles),  Azusa (after another 15 miles), Duarte (after another 3 miles).  At Arcadia (3069 mile marker) pickup W Huntington Drive turns into N Mission Road after about 10 miles. Take that about 3 miles to East 1st street in downtown Los Angeles (3083 mile marker)
  • Los Angeles, CA – Proceed to Hope and 11th street, the address for Lord Motor Car Co . Follow 1st street to Flower St / Hope St southwest to 11th street.

Total estimate: 3086 miles

Total driving time:  who knows!!


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