Our needs


We are just ordinary folks with this dream and  limited resources. We welcome any support you can provide. Here is a list of things we think will be needing: (our wish list)


  • tires – total of six, 30×3.5 (current ones are dry rotted)
  • wheels – two spare 12 spoke wood wheels, (for a 30×3.5 inch tire)
  • spare parts – any spare Maxwell parts you might not need


  • Rebuild motor – we have original motor in the shop now
  • Rebuild spare motor – we have a second motor / transmission
  •  paint services – we need a painter to repaint the Maxwell black  we found a painter
  • Upholstery – we need to repair the top that we have already
  • Help securing sponsors  –  Firestone, Texaco, Klaxon, Weed Chains. Economy Auto Parts of Newark, NJ. Maybe you know someone that can help

Travel support

  • tech support – you might have some experience with the Maxwell or cars in this vintage.  Can we call you if we have a problem or need advice. Give us your number.
  • meals – maybe you can cook us a meal as we pass through your town
  • references – you might know someone that can help with expenses like maybe Donald Trump or Bill Gates?
  • cheerleaders – outfits are not necessary
  • picture / video – can you capture video as we pass through your town
  • directions  – in case we get lost

One thought on “Our needs”

  1. I have a running; almost driving, 1917 maxwell touring car. It is titled as 1916 but hasthe gas gauge to the left of steering wheel.

    Had tried to contact you before this as i was planning to letter the car as a replica of the one that made the trip. I have now accumulated some maxwell knowledge and also a few spare parts such as magneto, clutch, c arburetor. would be happy to help you with your trip. Just hope you are ok with mine being more or less a clone of yours. I will also try to help promote your trip and maybe do a small sponsorship. Very cool thing to do.
    I am located on route 40 in springfield Ohio.
    email me back if you can. [email protected]

    bob larimore

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