You are looking at Rich Bassemir’s desk. If it is true a cluttered desk is a sign of a genius, well…. lets just say Rich is neat.

Click on the objects on Rich’s desk to visit his world.

In reality Rich’s desk rarely looks this clear but if I placed an actual picture here only Rich could find anything.  Hope you get a laugh or learn something new by exploring the links on this page.

Be sure to check out the plans for a transcontinental road trip from Newark, New Jersey to California in celebration of the same trip done in 1916 by CW Tuthill.

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13 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Your journey has been very exciting and interesting to witness. A true historical event to remember. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.
    Chrysti (Gardner) Arvanitis

    1. Thanks we will. Today we did a couple of miles on I70. We now know if we have to do more that 3-4 miles on the interstates the Maxwell will have to go on the trailer. ha ha

      1. Mr. Bassemir,
        I just recently acquired a 1917 Maxwell Model 25 project car, VIN 156933. The car had been sitting in a meadow for close to 100 years. Over those years, many parts have been stripped off of it and what was left was a target for hunters. My car is too far gone to be restored to near original condition. But I would love to bring it back to life, and on the road again.
        The parts to help restore it have been almost impossible to find. Do you know of anyone who has affordable 1917 Radiator Shell and Hood? Any help would be much appreciated. That you for recreating the cross country adventure.
        Have a good weekend.
        Richard J. Burbine
        Bridgeport, CA.

    1. Wow, that is a name from the past!! How did you hear about this trip?? Glad you are following along. Rich…

    1. That would be nice Ted. I have your number and can let you know where we land after two days of driving (hopefully New Paris).

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