You are looking at Rich Bassemir’s desk. If it is true a cluttered desk is a sign of a genius, well…. lets just say Rich is neat.

Click on the objects on Rich’s desk to visit his world.

In reality Rich’s desk rarely looks this clear but if I placed an actual picture here only Rich could find anything. ┬áHope you get a laugh or learn something new by exploring the links on this page.

Be sure to check out the plans for a transcontinental road trip from Newark, New Jersey to California in celebration of the same trip done in 1916 by CW Tuthill.

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12 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Your journey has been very exciting and interesting to witness. A true historical event to remember. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.
    Chrysti (Gardner) Arvanitis

    1. Thanks we will. Today we did a couple of miles on I70. We now know if we have to do more that 3-4 miles on the interstates the Maxwell will have to go on the trailer. ha ha

    1. Wow, that is a name from the past!! How did you hear about this trip?? Glad you are following along. Rich…

    1. That would be nice Ted. I have your number and can let you know where we land after two days of driving (hopefully New Paris).

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